TTI TSC-100R VHF/Air Band Scanner Receiver

Review from Amazon…

If you are a first time airband enthusiast then buy this radio because you will not be disapointed.
Nice radio, good design, very sensitive on all bands and the battery life is more than what the manual says it is.
It receives signals on its rubber antenna perfectly well and if you wish to store frequencies then it is very easy to do so.

Everything about the radio seems to suggest 5 stars except be aware that you cannot change the reception mode, ie the radio is fixed at am for airband, fm for above 136 MHz.
Most modern radio’s of this type can switch between am and fm and vice versa but sadly not on this model.
Appart from that though its definately a winner and it earns its 5 star status without question.

A set of 1100 MAh rechargeable batteries will power the radio beyond 7 hours set on one channel for example. Listening to the FM broadcast band will no doubt shorten the battery life…CLICK THE IMAGE FOR FULL RANGE

Maycom AR108 Airband/VHF AM/FM Handheld Scanner

Review from Amazon…

Very impressed! There was some speculation on the web about the signal strength of the scanner, I can assure you it is very clear even from my house more than 10 miles from heathrow! Great value for money. Good for anyone that wants to listen to their local airport ATC… CLICK THE IMAGE FOR FULL RANGE

Bearcat UBC30XLT Handheld Scanner

Review from Amazon…

┬ájust bought one of these as a gift, but decided to keep it myself! Having used a dedicated Yupiteru airband scanner (VT-225) since 1992, looking for a replacement has been difficult. There are very few specialist airband scanners available nowadays, as most scanners seem to cover just about every frequency under the sun and have millions of features that will never get used. This is great if that’s what you are looking for, but I was looking for a radio that excels at one task: airband coverage.

That’s where this little Uniden comes in. It’s perfect for the job. On paper the specification is as good – if not slightly better – than my Yupiteru, which was recognized as the best dedicated airband scanner you could buy. This little radio has all the features you need in a very compact unit. It’s all digital so slightly fiddly at first working out the volume, squelch and storing actions, but once you have the hang of it it’s a doddle. I put a slightly better antenna on (it’s a BNC connector which is another plus) and the reception performance has been brilliant.

Don’t be fooled by the price: if you think by paying more you are getting a “better” scanner, this is often not the case. You are paying for more features and more frequency coverage, which means that the more expensive units are actually worse at airband performance than this set. Just compare the specifications. If you are looking for a proper airband set that has great sensitivity then look no further than this brilliant unit. It is brilliant value for money. Well done Uniden!……CLICK THE IMAGE FOR FULL RANGE